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You may ask yourself, what are Tarot cards and how can a Tarot reading benefit me? A Tarot is a deck of cards with various symbols. However, this is no ordinary deck of cards. Coupled with an experienced reader who is trained to properly interpret a Tarot deck, a Tarot card reading can be used to gain clarity and insight into ones life.

The Tarot Deck is 72 cards of symbols, patterns, and connections that can point out those things in life that you don’t see yourself with the naked eye. Perhaps you see them on the “inside” but aren’t sure what they mean on the outside. Maybe you have a hunch about something, or someone in your life but you aren’t really sure what that hunch means. Or maybe you need to make a big decision and have no clue where to start. Whatever it is that represents the “x” variable in your current situation, whatever that unknown is, can be revealed to you through the Tarot.

How, you ask?

The Tarot deck is divided into two sections, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana are all major cards that signify the biggest changes that are happening in your life right now, and to come. Sometimes you might not even know these changes are happening, or you have a feeling about a pending life transition but you just aren’t sure. The cards in the Major Arcana will reveal the symbolism you need to know to move forward in this area of life. These cards are “big picture” cards, meaning, they show bigger events, bigger life forces, and the most important transitions that lie ahead for you.

The Minor Arcana on the other hand are the “detail” cards. This is where your Tarot reading will get specific. Will money be coming in? When will your Knight in Shining Armour arrive? Or when will that negative Nellie in your life finally let the door hit them on their way out? All of these specific questions and more can be answered by the details held in the Minor Arcana.

This section of the Tarot is then divided into four suits. In a regular deck of cards you have hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. In the Tarot you have cups, wands, swords, and pentacles. Each symbol and each suit means something different.

Interestingly enough, the suits of the Minor Arcana are also associated with the signs of the zodiac. The emotional cups cards are linked with the Water Signs. The fiery Wands cards are associated with our friendly Fire Signs. The swords that represent the truth and intellect are associated with the brainy Air Signs. And last but certainly not the least, the practical pentacles are linked with our practical friends in the Earth Signs.

Everything is connected! What’s your question for the Tarot today? Whether you need help focusing on the big picture, or assistance navigating the details of the day to day, simply ask the Tarot, the Tarot never lies. Good luck!